Cabaret du Ciel The Breath of Infinity RMXS
catalogue number: ATM001
format: 12''  vinyl
45 rpm
release date: 2021 July 9th

A1. Climatic Variations - Donato Dozzy Rework
B1. Great Plains - Ssiege Aero Remix
B2 Sunset Parade March - Dukwa Ciononostante Mix


Andrea Desiderà, Gian Luigi Morosin, Giorgio Ricci,
Niccolò Daniel Rufo aka Rufus & Quindi Records
Mastered by MA Spaventi
Manufactured by Mother Tongue
Distributed by Word And Sound

Experimental electronic group mixing guitars with synthesizers, effects, loops and samples, Cabaret du Ciel was founded in 1986 in Treviso, Italy by Luigi Morosin, initially as an ambient solo project. In 1989 Andrea Desiderà joined the project, beginning a new musical approach, more focused on electro-acoustic instrumentation. 2021's "The Breath of Infinity" on Quindi Records thus presents their very first new recordings in 27 years, and aspires to reveal once and for all the music of this unique project, whose roots reach back to the ethno-avant-garde of the 70s (the new cover for Skies in the Mirror is by the legendary Ariel Kalma) and encompass subsequent genres (New Age, Techno-ambient, Leftfield), up to a completely contemporary sound. 

In the pandemic era Bologna-based LEDX team built on their established activities in underground electronic music with the launch of Altrimenti, a new label focused on the ‘possible alternative’.The label began its practice with Florence-based Quindi Records, revisiting the illustrious musicality of Cabaret Du Ciel’s The Breath Of Infinity LP.

Italian techno figurehead Donato Dozzy weaves a seductive, undulating web of pattering drums and chimes, delivering on his standing as one of the masters of deep, hypnotic techno.

SSIEGE Aero open the B side with a wistful strain of playful, ambient electronica.

By way of contrast, Dukwa delivers a transcendent strain of electro, all braindance blips and new age pads.

MNMT Premiere:
Cabaret du Ciel – Climatic Variations (Donato Dozzy Rework)
Orb Mag Premiere: Cabaret du Ciel - Great Plains (Ssiege Aero Remix)
BCCO Premiere: Cabaret Du Ciel - Sunset Parade March (Dukwa Ciononostante Mix)

808 Radio #221 CMM 4 luglio 2021
Carhartt WIP Radio Show #166 1/09/2021
Bxp (Random Numbers Showcase) Mutant Radio 2021
Ralf (Dance with Us) Puntata del 5/02/2022 su M2O

Samuele Pagliai Aug 2021
Jane Fitz 13 aug 2021

Muting The Noise (Berlin, DE)

Altrimenti Records 2020 - OO // ATM OC