Woo Paradise in Pimplico RMXS
catalogue number: ATM003
format: 12''  33 rpm
release date: 2023 May 12th **update! May 26th

A1. Cadenza d’Innocenza - Tagliabue Evasione Totale Remix
B1. Even More Notes - Leeway Remix
B2 Gold Star - Other Lands & Linkwood Remix


Woo, Niccolò Daniel Rufo aka Rufus & Quindi Records
Mastered by MA Spaventi
Manufactured by Mother Tongue
Distributed by Word And Sound

WOO is Mark and Clive Ives, two brothers who have effectively shut out the world and created a musical world of their own. In 1972, sequestered in a small row house in Wimbledon in South London, the Ives brothers began to create a music which they wanted to hear. For several years they made tapes for their own amusement, never once thinking anyone else would be interested. It wasn't really important whether anyone else was interested, and that's one of the main reasons why WOO music works so well, and why it defies all attempts at defining what "kind" of music it is. It is music which delights in its own existence, and in the process, charms the listener like nothing else. It was 1981 before anyone else suggested the world might like a listen, too, and the result was "Whichever way you are going, you are going wrong". Released in the U.K. in 1982, it received rave critical reviews in the difficult to please British press.
After their celestial Arcturian Corridor opened proceedings on Quindi, they are back on the italian label with Paradise in Pimlico (2022).

On the A side, Joseph Tagliabue offers up a snaking, psychedelically charged dancefloor vision of ‘Cadenza d’Innocenza’. Milan-based Tagliabue has developed a potent sonic signature across releases for labels like Invisible Inc. and Sound Metaphors before starting his own Blue Sea Studio as an outlet for his expanding work into the field of contemporary soundtracks. That cinematic sensibility comes through in waves on this subtly trance-licked epic - a soaring set piece for the most dramatic of party situations. 

On the B side, Leeway opens proceedings with his remix of ‘Even More Notes’. As the founder of Wain Records and the Scram club night, the London-based producer is fostering a culture of leftfield dance music with an organic sensibility. On his interpretation of Woo, he offers up a more experimental, dub-informed strain of 4/4 club rhythms.

Completing the set, Other Lands & Linkwood join forces for their approach to ‘Gold Star’. Other Lands is also known as Fudge Fingas, and alongside Linkwood he helped shape the warm, deeply rooted house sound of seminal label Firecracker Recordings. The duo’s affinity for soulful musicianship and the disco roots of house music comes through in this spiralling, hazy rendition perfectly pitched at moments when a softer, more spiritual approach is needed without losing the guidance of an insistent groove.

Once again the overarching theme on this collection of remixes remains quality - a pursuit of meaningful expression, originality and open-hearted musicality. From the source material to the resulting remixes, the pursuit was a successful one.

Les Jeux Orange Premiere:
Woo - Cadenza d’Innocenza (Tagliabue Evasione Totale Rmx)
Why People Dance Premiere:
Woo - Even More Notes (Leeway Remix) 

Tommy/Spirit Blue - NTS 26.04.23
Tom Ravenscroft - New Music Fix BBC Radio 6 26.05.23
Christian Zingales  vote:8  - BLOW UP  06.23 

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